Expungements, Sealings & Pardons

Illinois State law allows individuals the opportunity to expunge or seal their criminal record in some instances. This is important for anyone who is seeking potential jobs, licenses, education, scholarships, grants in aid, loans, apartment rentals or anyone who is having a background check.

An expungement is the process to remove or erase the arrest and charges from your legal record. Not all cases can be expunged. Convictions may not be expunged, supervision and certain types of probations may.

A record sealing hides arrests, charges and conviction from the public view. They will not be visible to anyone that runs a simple background check, however they are available to law enforcement.

The rules covering expungement can be complex and not all cases are eligible. Subsequent convictions can stop prior non convictions from being erased. You must understand your rights. Please contact our offices to see if we can be of service to you.